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Dropshipping is where a wholesale distributor such as the ones listed in our directory will ship their products anywhere for you. You do not have to carry any inventory or make any shipments. You can usually take the images and descriptions off the distributors website and use them on your own website or online auction and sell them. Once someone makes a purchase for the item, generally you email your distributor the address the item needs to be shipped and they will ship the item right away for you. It's that easy! Many people use our sources to sell on Ebay and make a great profit! To give you a visual of dropshipping see the image below.

There are a number of avenues you can take when it comes to having your own Internet business. many of them require capital, time, and resources that are just too difficult to put together very quickly. Using free dropshippers eliminates the need for you to carry any inventory, purchase any upfront products, or spend the time to pack and ship the product to the customer.  That is why with dropshipping, it's very easy to get started and almost anyone can do it without having any capital or money up front to get into this business.

Why would dropshippers charge any fees to use them?  Some may charge a setup fee which can range anywhere from $50 to $500 that we do not recommend using any company that charges such a fee.  The fee is said to be a charge to get the account setup and provide labels, catalogs, etc. for you to use in selling their products online.  However it is not recommended to use a dropshipper that charges a setup fee if you are new to this and just getting started.  There are many free dropshippers that you can use that do not charge any type of setup fee.

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Middlemen - Middlemen will cut your profits to next to nothing. You need to make sure that you are dealing only with the wholesalers. At DropShipping Wholesalers you can rest easy knowing that the companies you work with are the actual wholesalers. This ensures maximum profits for you. After all, you made the sale, you deserve it!

DropShippers Sign Up Fees - With some sites you'll actually have to pay for application fees to work with their wholesalers. This can be very costly. At DropShipping Wholesalers you will never pay any application fees to work with the wholesalers in our database.
Sites That Charge Monthly Fees - Some web sites charge you monthly for access to their database. At DropShipping Wholesalers, you only have a one-time low investment, which affords you lifetime membership and all its perks!

Make sure that you use free dropshippers when looking for suppliers to make sure that you keep the maximum profits for yourself and eliminate the middlemen dropshippers from taking fees in the sale.



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